Primary School Curriculum.

• To improve and enrich the syllabus.
• To impart updated training to teachers.
• To encourage health education in school.
• To encourage students to participate in curricular and co-curricular activities.
• To prepare students for competitive exams.
• To celebrate various national festivals thus deliver message of national integrity.
• To prepare students for interschool competitions.
Academic Progress:
• The Primary School teaches the course laid down by the Department of Education, Maharashtra State. We follow the CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) pattern of evaluation.
• Various activities are conducted throughout the year wherein the students can participate and showcase their hidden talents in the field of art, craft, music, dance and speech.
• Various Inter-House competitions are conducted like writing, recitation, story-telling, spell check, G.K.Quiz, Elocution for boosting the confidence of students.
• Leadership qualities of students are developed through “Investiture Ceremony”. Students are given responsibilities with batches.
• Students appear for Olympiad Exams and National Talent Search Exams and pass with flying colours.
• Primary school inculcates values of neatness and cleanliness through interclass clean class competition.
• Our Students are made aware of the disasters of outside world thus workshops on “Good touch and Bad touch” are conducted in the school.
• "Sane Guruji Katha Mala" also helps students to know about the famous personalities of India through story telling method. The inspiring stories help student build a feeling of love and respect for elders.
• Our students also participate in Interschool Sports Competition.
• The students are taught by using Educomp Smart class Modules. Students can view and learn better and retain the knowledge learnt for a longer period of time.
• Our language lab helps students to develop skills in Listening, Speaking and Reading. It helps students to learn English Language effectively and effortlessly.
• We have a well-equipped computer lab with internet access. Students practise the basic skills of computing at the early age of 6 to 9 years.
• The school aims at the holistic development of the students including intellectual, physical, moral and social values.

Schools Hours
Monday to Friday: 7.50 am to 1.50 pm.
Saturday: 7.50 am to 11.30 am.