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Primary Section

Principal’s Message

Snehal Khatavkar

We are a contemporary primary school that is committed to comprehensive education and meeting the necessities of all the children in our care.
We want our children to learn together and fulfill their potential, laying the foundations for a lifelong journey of discovery and exploration.
To mould and shape the vulnerable minds of our children to become responsible citizens is indeed an honored responsibility. The young fertile and eager minds of our students provide an excellent ground for our teaching staff to teach independent thinking, team spirit and discipline. Teaching for us goes beyond the academics.
I believe in the quote of Jasper Fox,Sr.,”Putting your students’ emotional needs first is important because without feeling safe and understood, no instructional strategy will be effective.” So, we provide a safe, secured and caring learning environment.
I hope, this website provides you an insight of our work and efforts!
With best wishes,
Snehal Khatavkar
Principal, Primary Section