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Secondary Section

Principal’s Message

Mrs. Manasi Marulkar

“The legacy of the institution is a great source of inspiration.”
Our effort is always to equip our children in every way by providing them with a abundance of activities to explore their innate talents and help them build a strong determination and perseverance.
Dedicated and motivating staff strives hard to create students who are confident and who know how to shoulder great responsibilities obtaining strength from the discipline and moral values that are inculcated here.
I believe in the quote of Vince Gowmon who says, “You cannot make people learn. You can only provide the right conditions for learning to happen.”
So we provide the best modern learning environment for the students. Well equipped Computer Lab, Digital Boards in each Classroom, Installation of Water purification Unit and setting up the English Language Lab are some of the few unique efforts taken by the school management for the well being of the students. We want our pupils' time in our school to be memorable, build on what they know and help them become lifelong learners!
I hope this website will provide you with a flavour of the wide and diverse activities and excellent education offered in the school.
With best wishes,
Mrs. Manasi Marulkar
Principal, Secondary Section